Life Updates

March 26, 2021


Hey! It's been awhile. I've been dealing with school changes, quarantine madness, and this crazy thing called life– so I haven't written a blog in FOREVER.

Well here I am, because I miss it. I miss sharing my life with all of you through these words, and I've been loving creating videos on it recently. I need to start managing both (especially for my fellow readers).

I have some life updates for yinz! So, here I go. 

#1. I'm graduating from college in May! I am so ready to move on into the workforce and begin my journey post-grad. I loved college, it's been the best 4 years of my life, but I have senioritis (which basically means I'm sick of being a senior & I'm ready to go!).

#2. I got a job! I accepted an offer with Highmark Health and will start this career journey in June! Because of COVID, I'm sure we will begin working from home. But no worries, we got this.

#3. I signed a lease on an apartment! Yes, I will be living in Pittsburgh post-grad because it's where I love to be. I am super excited to have my own place (with one of my closest friends) & explore the city.

So, that's my life. I am THANKFUL for every opportunity I've been given and I'm so proud of who I'm becoming. I promise to continue writing on the blog to give you all the content you love.

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