How to Make the Most of Zoom University

September 15, 2020

Learning on Zoom is rough– trust me, I know. But as students paying thousands of dollars for classes on this platform, we need to make the most of it. Here are some tips to ensure that you are learning just as much as you would in the classroom!

1. Take notes. Just like you would write notes in class, write them at home while you're on the Zoom call! This will ensure that you are focused on what you're being taught & you will hold that information in your brain.

2. Engage & interact. Use the Zoom tools provided– thumbs up, chat box, etc. These are here for you to be interactive with the people you are speaking with. Take advantage & make sure you & your professor/class are in constant communication, just like you would in the classroom. 

3. Turn your laptop camera on. I know, you just got out of bed & you don't want to brush your teeth. No big deal, the rest of your class feels the same way. But, it's important that you turn your camera on. That way, your professor knows you're engaged, & you're forced to avoid all distractions.

4. Throw your phone across the room. Okay, not literally. But put it away. When you're sitting in your apartment you're going to have distractions trying to pull you away from class. You are strong enough to not allow that to happen. Put your phone away & pay attention to what you are learning.

5. Think of the positives. Zoom isn't the ideal form of learning, however this can be looked at as a positive experience. You are now learning how to use a platform that many employers are going to implement in their work. Technology has changed the game, & it's only going to continue to do so. Keep up with it rather than letting it run you.

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