New Logo, Brand, & Meaning

May 25, 2020

July will be 2 years since creating blogs by emily rose, a site where I can practice content creation, writing, & editing that I believe will help me on my career path in marketing. Although I'm not the most consistent with my posts & don't intend to be a full time blogger, I've come a long way with my so-called "brand". I send out monthly newsletters, I created a YouTube channel, & I found a new passion for myself– professional development. With all of these new discoveries, I realized that my original logo needed an update.

I decided to change the aesthetic of my Instagram (which may not be important to those reading who aren't worried about the creativity level of the content on your page). I was inspired by successful bloggers to use presets so that my page is consistent & easy on a viewer's eyes. My highlights are also now simple, white & black matching anything I want to post on my feed (color-coding at the moment).

Since things are a little more visually pleasing on my social media, I figured my blog logo should match it too. I still don't really have a specific niche that I focus on– I'm kind of an all over the place type of person when it comes to getting things done anyway. So I chose to highlight what I love discussing most– beauty, health, lifestyle, & empowerment. The first 3 were included the first time around, but empowerment is new. I want to inspire others to grow– professionally, socially, maybe even emotionally. Either way, I enjoy helping others work toward being their best self, so I figured I'd add this to my "niche". 

For all of my bloggers & social media lovers, your brand needs to be a real reflection of you. Do I get the most views on my Girl Boss Series episodes? No, but I'm CRAZY passionate about it. So not only will I continue posting those empowerment videos, but I added it to my logo & a part of the niche that I am focusing on.

Moral of the story is, make your brand reflect you, your personality, & what you love. I'm sure my logo will change a hundred times in my life, but as of now, I'm happy with it.

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