Tips on How to Build a Strong Resume

November 20, 2019

Since I'm a business student, I work on editing my resume quite a bit. It may just be a piece of paper, but it's the first thing employers look at and really displays how you brand yourself. My resume has changed and improved a lot since I started college, so I want to share some tips that I learned over the past few years.

Be consistent. If you're using bullet points to organize your skills, use bullet points throughout the entire resume. If you highlight your job titles in bold, continue to structure your resume that way until the very end. Having a consistent resume looks clean to employers, showing that you're organized & detail-oriented.

Use active language. Start all of your tasks/skills with an action word. For example, "Import inventory", "Manage cash", and "Create graphics" are action statements that show what tasks you have accomplished without running on about them. 

Alter your resume for each job you apply for. So, if you're applying for a secretary position, highlight the experience you have that is relevant to that job– maybe writing, computer skills, communication, etc. But if you're also applying for a management position, focus on jobs that have shaped you into a strong leader. Each job requires a different skillset, so when you build enough experience, change your resume to meet the needs of the job you're applying for.

Fluff. You worked as a hostess & you're unsure of how to make that job seem valuable enough for the new job you're applying for. Fluff your tasks to make them as outstanding as you can without lying. For example, if you sat customers at different seating areas in a restaurant, you can write, "Communicate with and welcome guests" & "Organize and manage seating arrangements". You're not lying about what you did in your position, however you are fluffing it to make it sound a little better to employers.

Use the one page rule. Every employer is different, so you will hear that some care & some do not. But, I think condensing your skills into one page looks clean, organized, & makes it a lot easier for employers to read. The average amount of time spent on resume reviewing is 6 seconds, so make it short & sweet (but also impactful).

Use numbers & analytics as much as you can. It's impressive to see the percentage rate that you boosted engagement by, or the amount of money you raised for your organization. Add numbers as much as you can, it looks great.

Organize your resume in chronological order starting with your most recent experience. Basically display your positions from most recent to oldest, so that employers can see what you're doing right now first. This also shows the progression of how you're improving yourself as a professional.

I hope these tips help you to build a strong resume! I am always open to discussing resume tips, so feel free to reach out with questions. I'm also open to connecting on LinkedIn, so feel free to add me here. Go get that job you're dreaming about & good luck!


  1. okay i just re-did/updated my resume--this was SO helpful!

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