Amazon Gift Guide

November 12, 2019

The holidays are only a few weeks away, so I figured now is a great time to create gift guides! I LOVE Black Friday sales but I'm not a huge fan of the crowded mall aspect, so I like to shop online. This gift guide is all about Amazon!

Guys are tricky to shop for sometimes. The key when shopping for men is to buy the essentials. Buying things they need are actually thoughtful, even if it is just a few pairs of new socks! Boys are usually easy-going when it comes to Christmas, so buy them things they will use every day!

I think a go-to Christmas gift is a new pair of slippers. Slippers are a great gift for a 
home-body kind of guy that wants to stay cozy.

Nike socks are a must. Just do it. (Get it? Wow I'm the worst.)

It's great when a man smells good, so why not buy your boyfriend, husband, or friend some cologne? The Polo Red cologne smells insane, I swear. It's worth the small splurge.

 Joggers are such an underrated gift. They're so comfortable & they're appropriate for any situation. Going to class? Throw on joggers. Having a movie night? Throw on joggers. Running a mile? Throw on joggers. See, you get the point. 

bluetooth speaker is a cool gift for just about anyone. This JBL speaker is waterproof too, so if your man likes to sing in the shower, this is perfect.

All girls really want in life is to be comfy & look cute at the same time. These gifts are perfect for any woman in your life. Remember, it's the little things!

This pink sherpa fleece blanket is perfect for girls of all ages. Who doesn't want to stay cuddled up all winter long?

Leopard is in! This leopard winter hat brings a pop of design to any basic winter outfit, plus it'll keep her warm.

Scarves are not just for style! This infinity scarf is definitely cute, but will also keep her extra cozy this holiday season. 

I'm a sucker for cute pajamas. This two piece pajama set will make any girl feel cute even when rolling out of bed with one lash & a messy bun.

BeautyBlender is out of biz for this gift guide. The Real Techniques makeup sponges are just as good & a lot less expensive. If your girl loves makeup, help her out by buying some makeup sponges.

If your girlfriend, wife, or friend is a blogger, buy her a rustic letter board. These bring aesthetic to any Instagram photo, or can display funny quotes in your home.

Parents will do just about anything for their children, so the least we can do is give them some gifts that help their everyday lives become a little easier. Even if they're things that you don't think are glamorous, I promise they're benefiting your family in some type of way.

The Echo Dot is intimidating to some, but is honestly super helpful in your everyday life. You can ask Alexa to set alarms, make calls, & tell you what the weather is looking like. This device will definitely help your parents make life a bit easier.

slow cooker is a great gift for a mom who loves to cook. You throw in your food, leave for a few hours, and come back to a tender & juicy meal. Come on, I'm getting hungry.

Parents want to walk around the house in a cozy robes & relax too, so this unisex robe is perfect for mom & dad.

An aromatherapy oil diffuser is a nice gift for your home. Mom & Dad will thank you.

I love playing games with my family. It's a great bonding experience & it's seriously so fun. This Family Feud Trivia game is an inexpensive way to spend quality time with your family, so I really recommend buying this.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is the basic Apple watch that can track calories, measure heart rate, and contact your friends fast. If you're boujee & want to splurge, you can buy your friend the Apple Watch Series 5, which has even more features.

The Hydroflask water bottle will keep water cool for hours while you workout, or coffee warm for hours while you work!

AirPods are every runner's dream. Listening to music without having cords bounce off you every step is life changing.

The Northface Thermoball Vest is perfect for runners who battle through the winter weather! This vest will help keep your fit friend warm, but also not too hot while working out.

If your friend wants to make protein shakes, the Nutribullet is the best gift for them. You can mix fruits, vegetables, and even nuts into a smoothie! Check out my favorite smoothie recipes here.

Is your friend a photographer? This Canon EOS camera will help them take stunning shots.

For my vlogging friends, the Canon PowerShot vlogging camera is one of the best ones to record videos with. If your friend is starting a YouTube channel, this will definitely help them get motivated.

Tripod is perfect for anyone who loves filming, with or without a professional camera. Plus, you can take your own photos without having to ask a random.

ring light kit is a good gift for bloggers, makeup artists, hair stylists, or anyone who wants to take a good selfie!

All girl bosses need coffee. This Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker is perfect for a girl that's on the go & needs a quick pick-me-up before work.

I swear by these blue light blocking glasses. I use them when I'm on my laptop for a long period of time & my eyes feel so relaxed. & they're so cute.

Want to feel like a girl boss? Pour your coffee in a girl boss mug and you'll instantly feel like you can run the world. 

Traveling is every girl boss's dream. Whether you're traveling out of town or out of the country, this 4-piece luggage set will fit all of the essentials.

She's a busy woman. A weekly calendar will help get her life together, I promise it's a good gift.

Thank you for reading my gift guide. I hope you were inspired to find the perfect gift for your significant other, family members, & good friends. Happy Shopping!

Disclaimer: I do make a small commission if you purchase a product using my link. Thank you for the support!


  1. I always forget socks for the men! I usually buy my husband a new cologne every Christmas since that’s when he usually runs out!

  2. That two-piece pajama set looks so comfy!

  3. Such good items! I love those Real Technique sponges.

  4. That pink blanket looks so soft and cozy!