Advice for College Freshmen

August 15, 2019

For those of you who just graduated from high school, congratulations! Transitioning from being a high school student to an "adult" is exciting, emotional, and a lot of the time, STRESSFUL. But no worries, I'm here to give you tips on things you should consider when moving on into the "real world" and more specifically, college. These tips are things I wish someone would've told me, & hopefully they help you on your journey!

Get out of your comfort zone. This is one of the hardest things to do, especially because we're so used to sticking with our cliques & having the same type of routine. Push yourself to join organizations, meet new people, and be open-minded. You'll be surprised to see the different people you become friends with.

Time management is key. You're transitioning from 7 hours in a classroom to 3 in lectures for the day. That means MORE FREE TIME. This sounds great, but can quickly ruin your life. Make sure you plan your days wisely, & be productive with the free time you have. Homework & studying will catch up fast, so stay on top of it.

Be safe. Seriously, this is mom-type advice, but having full independence at a young age can put you in dangerous situations. Always be alert, stick with groups at night, & use your common sense. You're in college to better yourself, stay focused!

Study groups are grade savers. Every individual has a different memory of the lecture, & knowledge on different topics. Put 5 or 6 heads together & you have a crazy ton of intelligence.

Get close with your professors. They are there to help you, not only academically but professionally as well. They want the best for you, so get to know them & take advantage of their help. 

Don't buy your books before syllabus week. I bought the suggested books for all of my classes freshman year & ended up only needing 1 of them. Wait until your first week of class, usually known as "syllabus week", & double check that the books are required. They're expensive, so don't buy them unless you truly need it.

Family is always there. You're going to have days where you break down & cry because you're so stressed (me every 2 weeks). Call your mom & talk it out. Your family is there to support you through your journey & they want to hear about what you go through. Always stay in touch with family & friends, it'll help you mentally. 

I hope these tips help you prepare a little better before heading off to college. Stay focused, be positive, & get that degree. Good luck on your journey!

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