5 Productivity Tips

August 7, 2019

Feeling lazy? Trust me, I get it. It's so hard getting out of bed knowing you have a million things to do today. Here are some tips on how to become motivated and take on the day. Seriously, I need these too.

1. Wake up early. I'm not saying 5am, but waking up around 8 or 9 is a great way to start your tasks early, giving you more free time later.

2. Listen to podcasts while getting things done. It's hands free & motivational. I listen to podcasts while cleaning, & I swear it distracts me from wanting to complain all day. Plus, you can learn something while getting work done, pretty productive right?

3. Buy a dry erase board. I have a giant dry erase board in my room & every Sunday I write a list of things I need to do that week. That way, I can physically check off the boxes & feel relieved knowing I have fewer jobs left.

4. Write down 3 daily tasks you need to get done. I actually heard this suggestion on a podcast. When you get up every morning, head to that dry erase board & write down 3 things you need to do that day. Big or small, you're getting more done than you normally do, since you physically wrote them down & held yourself accountable.

5. Take breaks. Take a walk, eat a snack, stay productive with your body but give yourself a mental break. Studying for long hours or cleaning for an entire day requires mental breaks. Give yourself time to focus on you!

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